Carolina Serrano (PT, 1994) lives and works between Cologne and Lisbon.

Serrano's work and research revolves around the temporal dimension of sculpture.

The artist sculptural thinking collapses, recurrently, with the notions of light and shadow, the notion of transmutation and with the ideas of destruction and appearance, whether those notions are present in a real and literal way in the works whether they are only suggestions, or late appearances.

Through her work the artist explores, among others, the duality between interior and exterior and between full and empty space. Serrano is interested in the concept of the restricted, inaccessible and therefore unknown “place”, and also in the uncertainty of the extent of that “place”.

Carolina Serrano is also interested in the possibility of the materialization of the shadow and in the transsubstantial possibility of the sculptural object.

In recent years Carolina Serrano has been working almost exclusively with paraffin wax dyed black because of its plastic possibilities but, above all, by the theoretical and conceptual possibilities that this material can originate in the field of the observer's imagination. Another reason is the way that the material radiates and reflects light.